Unveiling Base58

April 12, 2018

On March 10 2017, the SEC rejected the Bitcoin ETF. This decision was quite a shock for the crypto world, but it would end up as just a small footnote by the end of the year. Two weeks later, we incorporated Base58 Capital in Zug, Switzerland.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted this last year, but what became clear to me, is that we are still in the early days of a long journey. While many profited a lot (at least on paper), others ended up entering the space at exorbitant prices and investing in projects that had good intentions at best. Driven by greed and the fear of missing out, investors rushed into a late phase of irrational exuberance, which inevitably ended with the music abruptly stopping.

Just like we’ve seen during the frenzy of 2013, the attention from the media and the general public has attracted a large number of new talents and organizations. While many will likely disappear, the ones who stay will greatly contribute to the advancement of cryptoassets and decentralized applications.

“Our goal is to accelerate the shift towards decentralized systems by bringing the excellence of Swiss asset management to the world of cryptoassets.”

Fabio Federici, Founder & CEO

Base58 brought together a group of people that knows the world of cryptoassets and experts that understand the traditional side of investment management. This allows us to merge a fundamental evaluation process with disciplined portfolio and risk management. We actively manage investment vehicles and provide professional investors a convenient way to access the world of cryptoassets.

We are an asset management firm that lives and breathes like a tech company. There is undeniably a lot to learn and to understand about decentralized protocols, incentive networks, and cryptoeconomic dynamics. Being at the forefront of such a transformation is what drives us every single day.

We have stayed quiet on purpose, but have worked hard on identifying ways to give our clients access to the broadest spectrum of cryptoassets and exciting projects in the space, without compromising on regulatory compliance.

I’m continuously inspired by how a set of nine pages of paper can turn into a global phenomenon with such an active and thriving community in less than ten years; this has always been a marathon, and we’re excited to make the first step out of the dark today.

Thank you & stay tuned.

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