Our Drive

Our mission is to advance the adoption of decentralized systems because we believe that a free and open economy will transform society. The Internet was about improving how we communicate and making the sharing of information more efficient. We believe that decentralized systems and cryptoassets will have the same impact on money, finance, and the next generation of digital applications.

Who We Are

About Base58

The Base58 Capital AG was founded in 2017 and is a technology-driven investment firm specialized in cryptoassets. The company has offices in Zurich and is located in Zug, Switzerland. Base58 is led by computer science and finance specialists from Switzerland and the United States.

Fabio Federici

Founder & Ceo

Fabio is a driven founder who previously started Coinalytics (Skry, Inc.), the first blockchain analytics company, in 2014 as part of the renowned Silicon Valley accelerator program of 500 Startups. The company raised over a million dollars in venture capital, won multiple awards and was acquired by Bloq, Inc. in 2017.

Tommaso Bonanata

Head of investment management

Tommaso is a battle-tested portfolio manager with 10 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equities. He is a former Director at GAM and an independent investor in the cryptoassets space since 2013. He has a rigorous approach to portfolio construction combining a qualitative approach with liquidity management.

James Edwards

Principal engineer

James is an exceptional Java engineer and distributed systems architect, who earned his stripes at Amazon Web Services. As a co-founder at Coinalytics, he single-handedly developed a cutting-edge blockchain data API and has been building trading interfaces to crypto exchanges since 2013.

We create tools, services and infrastructure to compete in the cryptoasset ecosystem, both centralized and decentralized. We believe that technology is at the core of a successful investment company, allowing us to identify new opportunities, manage risk, and exploit market inefficiencies.


How We Work



Driven by the curiosity to explore the world of decentralized protocols, we collect data, read white papers and research the latest developments in the space. We are constantly seeking new ways to better value and manage these assets, new approaches to reach consensus and how to best create incentives and capture value within crypto-economic networks.



All of our decisions rely on a fundamental evaluation process paired with disciplined portfolio management. We combine qualitative tools with data science and quantitative analysis to develop models, test our hypotheses and make more intelligent investment decisions, always balancing the generation of alpha with effective risk management.



We develop infrastructure solutions and operate globally distributed systems. Our electronic trading systems provide access to a global order book and algorithmic execution. Running blockchain nodes and validators allows us to actively participate in the networks and have a long-lasting impact. Regardless of the application, security is always a priority and we strive for the highest availability.



This full stack approach provides us with the necessary edge to effectively and efficiently deploy capital. Our core activity is the active management of investment vehicles and portfolios with direct exposure to cryptoassets. We also offer institutional and qualified investors unparalleled access to deep liquidity through a single entry point to global cryptoasset markets.

Who We
Work With

We work with leading companies in the cryptoasset space which provide top-tier services and infrastructure to ensure seamless operations.

Tagomi Holdings, Inc. is an electronic brokerage offering digital asset trading at institutional operational standards, custody solutions, and other services.

Silvergate Bank is the leading bank for innovative businesses in fintech and cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Custody is a qualified custodian and a fiduciary under NY State Banking Law.

Solactive is a German index provider and develops, calculates and markets cost-efficient indices over several asset classes.