Founded in 2017 by four driven individuals in Switzerland, Base58 is a pioneer in active cryptoasset management.
Base58 is a technology-driven asset management and trading firm specialized in cryptoassets.


As a member of the VQF - the leading self-regulatory organization in Switzerland - we are committed to ensuring compliance with regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.


We gain our edge by developing software to ease the operations of our investment solutions, reduce the cost of executing our trades, and capitalize on new opportunities to generate returns.

We combine the passion and spirit of a tech startup, with the rigour and experience of an established organization. We love to share ideas, explore unknown opportunities, and collaborate to solve interesting problems. In a new and exciting industry, we are constantly learning from our peers and sharing our experiences, developing a great culture and pursuing our vision.


Top Tier Infrastructure

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Top Tier Infrastructure

Service Providers.
and many more...

Fabio Federici

Fabio is a driven founder who previously started Coinalytics (Skry, Inc.), the first blockchain analytics company, in 2014 as part of the renowned Silicon Valley accelerator program of 500 Startups. The company raised over a million dollars in venture capital, won multiple awards and was acquired by Bloq, Inc. in 2017.‍

James P. Edwards

James is an exceptional Java engineer and distributed systems architect, who earned his stripes at Amazon Web Services. As a co-founder at Coinalytics, he single-handedly developed a cutting-edge blockchain data API and has been building trading interfaces to crypto exchanges since 2013.‍

Tommaso Bonanata

Tommaso is a battle-tested portfolio manager with 10 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equities. He is a former Director at GAM and an independent investor in the cryptoassets space since 2013. He has a rigorous approach to portfolio construction combining a qualitative approach with liquidity management.

Sothy Kol-Men Ph.D.

Sothy is a seasoned investment management executive and served as CEO of the VP Bank Group’s fund management subsidiary. He holds a Ph.D. in law and has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment for alternative investments. At Base58 he is responsible for Operations, Risk & Compliance.


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