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We manage investment products that provide qualified investors convenient and bankable access to the cryptoasset markets. By working with reputable counterparties such as custodians, fund administrators, and auditors, we give institutional clients the confidence and transparency expected from a professional solution. This approach enables portfolio managers to diversify into an emerging asset class through a variety of strategies, while always satisfying compliance requirements.

Investment Products for
Convenient Access
  • Bankable Exposure
  • Independent Oversight
  • Regulated Vehicles
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Direct Indexing for
Hands-off Investors

Our Direct Indexing offering replicates the performance of our indices by directly purchasing the underlying cryptoassets. This approach is similar to an ETF in that it is designed to give broad market exposure at a low cost. Holding  individual positions also opens up the opportunity of tailoring the portfolio to your individual preferences and potentially take advantage of tax-loss harvesting. In short, peace of mind crypto exposure.

  • Regular Rebalancing
  • Transparent Execution
  • Individual Positions
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Managed Accounts help streamline investment procedures while at the same time reducing costs for clients that prefer to be actively involved in the management of their assets. Additionally, our investment team will provide on-demand execution and regular monitoring of your portfolio. It is the solution of choice for investors seeking more flexibility for their portfolios and a higher level of service from their asset manager.

Managed Accounts for
Hands-on Investors
  • Direct Ownership
  • Customized Strategies
  • Full Control
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