Developing the Base58 Identity

April 15, 2019

A Tribute.

When we set out to explore a new identity for Base58, we were not just looking for something that would appeal visually, but above all, we were in search of something that would carry the brand’s DNA out to the world.

Our vision is to manage the world’s cryptoassets. For us, this means building technology that automates the operations of our investment solutions, reduces the cost of trade execution, and increases our efficiency — allowing us to capitalize on new opportunities to capture returns. All of this to provide clients with the best way to access and gain exposure to the world of cryptoassets and generate superior returns.

Today this includes interfacing with exchanges for electronic trading and advanced execution, actively participating in crypto networks, and once the technology is mature enough, also leverage decentralized systems ourselves in order to minimize trust and return more control to investors.

More important than what is why: We are driven by the mission of advancing the adoption of decentralized systems powering a free and open economy that, with time, will transform society.

The Base58 System

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper which lead to the creation of an entire industry. While it is important to constantly question the status quo and push the boundaries, we shouldn’t forget how we got here in the first place. And especially the values, that make Bitcoin one of the most significant inventions of the 21st century like decentralized trust, censorship resistance, and digital scarcity.

The simplicity in which Satoshi manages to explain a concept as multifaceted as Bitcoin is a thing of beauty.

The seemingly random characters, in what we call the system, are the base58 encoded abstract of the original Bitcoin white paper published by Satoshi:

Try Yourself

The system forms the core of Base58’s identity, encapsulating the encoding scheme that gave the firm its name together with the abstract of the white paper, always reminding us of why we are here.

Additionally, we wanted to strike the right balance between the professionalism of investment management, and the dynamic of an innovative technology company.

The Internet was about improving how we communicate and making the sharing of information more efficient. We believe that decentralized systems and cryptoassets will have the same impact on money, finance and the next generation of digital applications.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of this journey.

Thank you, Satoshi.

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